Professional Projects

YUCAD - Design Studio

ThinkHi | Unity 3D - WebGL

This tool offers users to draw and design their home down to the last detail, including furnishings, wall decoratives, artifacts and accent furniture, and deciding on the exact placement of each element of the home with integrated E-Commerce to purchase products directly from the tool. 

  • Led the team of three developers and two artists.
  • Designed and implemented free draw concept which allows users to modify/adjust their design after it is created.
  • Worked closely with web and E-commerce developers for the integration of Unity and Magento.


ThinkHi | Unity 3D - Android / IOS

This app lets users to view all the saved designs from users YUCAD account in 2D, 3D, arial view and in VR. It also allows users to share their design with others.

Clite Virtual Lab

Clite Technologies | Unity 3D - PC / Android

Virtual Lab is a software simulation of laboratory that replicates a physical lab room in a computer/smart device. It consists of all the apparatus and equipment required to perform the experiment akin to the real time lab demonstrations.

  • Responsible for the designing and development of UI and physics based experiments for the V-Lab.
  • Redesigned the UI system of V-Lab using NGUI from Unity3D’s GUI.

Kurangu Bommai - Game

ThinkHi | Unity 3D - Android

Kurangu Bommai is an official game for the promotion of the movie Kurangu Bommai. The game takes place in a maze with 5 colored players. Each player has to travel forward through the maze to open the gate of same color. 

  • Single-handedly designed and developed the game in 5 days

MSD Allergy Race

ThinkHi | Unity 3D - PC - Kinect

MSD Allergy Car Race is a Kinect controlled PC car race game developed for MSD (Merck & Co., Inc.,) for an event held in Dubai. This game uses Kinect SDK to detect the body gestures of the player to control the direction and speed of the car. The real data of the employee's (the player) sales performance are loaded into the game and the player can select their car which has variable speed based on their sales performance, the obstacles and fuel during the race are based on their qualities of their performance in the team.


ThinkHi | Unity 3D - Android / IOS

The lykagluv app allows customers to try on clothes virtually on a model that matches their exact measurements, and even has their own face via image capture. This means that users can buy apparel and accessories online or even in-store without the hassle of trying on outfits. The software gives users a live visualization of their garment choices and experience a brand’s products in a way that is more engaging than ever before

  • Led the team of a developer and two artists.
  • Responsible for Project deliverance, and build releases and making sure it is under the quality of the publisher guidelines.

Driving Simulation : NISSAN Driving Institute, Kidzania, Kuwait.

ThinkHi | Unity 3D - PC 

Driving simulation is designed to train and test techniques, skills and speed-of-response under safe conditions. This helps the trainee in familiarizing with the controls of the car, learn correct driving practices, traffic rules and gives them the initial confidence before they learns to drive the car.

Blister Packing VR

ThinkHi | Unity 3D - PC - Oculus Rift

Blister packing VR allows us to simulate how Blister machine works and to get a true understanding of the working and look and feel of the machine. This helps the user to understand how the machines react to various types of settings and materials.

  • Led the development team of 2.
  • Designed and developed all the functionality of the blister machine and their interactions with VR Hand.

Personal / Academic Projects

Procedural Room Creation

Unity 3D - PC 

This project was developed using the mesh ( ) class in Unity to create 3D rooms at runtime based on mouse position. This project features separate 3D meshes for floor, walls and also have separate 2D planes for inner and top faces of the wall. It also features adjustment /modification in the size and shape of the room after it is created.

Home Designer

Unity 3D - Android 

Home designer app was developed as a prototype for interior decorating and design of homes. This app allows the users to design their home interior, which includes furniture, home appliances, lights, etc. and visualize it in 3D. It also allows the users to save, load and share their designs.


DirectX 10 - PC

Numismatics is a 3D Game developed in DirectX 10 for PC. This game is to demonstrate Procedural Generation (Terrain) and Post-Processing (Blur) effects. The basic gameplay is to collect all the coin in the level within the given time to win the game.


UDK - PC / Xbox 360

Malfunky was developed by a team of 11 includes 5 programmers, 3 artists, a sound engineer, designer and a producer. Malfunkey is a 3D platformer game for Xbox 360 and PC which is about a robot who has been ripped apart into three pieces for its advanced Intelligence level. The main theme of the game is to find all three parts, unite them together and find a way out of the factory.

Beyond Guns

UDK - PC / Xbox 360

Beyond Guns was developed as a research project for my thesis. The aim of this research is to compare both First-Person and Third-Person genres from users' point of view and to orchestrate a research which will supposedly show which genre is more immersive based on Players' perspective on the characters' actions, Advancing the Narrative using character, Weapon control, Camera angle & Motion-Sickness.

Procedural Rope

Unity 3D - PC 

This project demonstrates the realistic features of the rope created procedurally at runtime in Unity 3D. Features including length and width adjustments of the rope at runtime.

DX 3D Scene

DirectX 10 - PC

This was developed as a coursework for Programming Games Module during the master’s course.This application is a 3D scene to demonstrate the Lighting (reflection, Refraction & Shadow) Effects.

PS2 Scene

PS2 Linux - PS2

This project was developed using the Playstation2 Linux Kit. This application is to demonstrate the particle Effect (fog) and Directional Lighting Effects (Rotation & Intensity) in PS2.